Financial Transparency

Transparency is the base of trust!

Awards and Aknowledgements

— Vetted organization by Global Giving in 2020

After a large process of admission and “graduation” our foundation was finally vetted by Global Giving in 2020. We had to present all of our legal documents and financial reports to be accepted. After the admission we had to raise the minimal amount of 5.000 dollars to be finally approved. We are very proud of this new achievement and looking forward to new projects.

Visit our profile on Global Giving website.

— Committed to the Peace Development

In 2015, the international “You and the Peace” movement, granted our foundation with a prize for being committed to foster peace in a vulnerable community. The movement has a non-religious character and it´s idealized by the Divaldo Pereira Franco, a United Nations Peace Ambassador.

Visit the “You and the Peace” movement website.


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— CEPSA Foundation: Awards for Social Value

We are happy to announce that last february, 2023 we were selected to receive a Award for Social Value from the CEPSA Foundation. The award consists of a yearly budget of 12.000 € to be invested in education and the further development of our foundation. 

Visit the CEPSA Foundation website.


Financial Reports and Administration

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— 2021/2022 General Financial Report

All of our financial results are audited and reported by a third-part Accounting Co. according to the Colombian Non-Profit Organization Financial Regulations. The report is issued in Spanish to fulfil local requirements, nevertheless, you can find below a english version.

— Constitutional Act

Our foundation started officially in 2009. This was a very special moment for us! If you want to understand how it was constituted, you can find all the details in the attached documents. The Constitutional Act was issued in Spanish, but you can also find below a english version.

Chamber of Comerce Certification

The chamber of comerce cerification is a very importante colombian document that certifies the existance of a Non-Profit Organization before the government. You can find the english version below.

If you need any additional information, we'll be glad to help!