To Invest in moral education, means to invest in the world's future Happiness!

Our Story

Since 2001 transforming the lives of many children and their families!

Aguas Claras is the name of our neigborhood. It is located in the South of San Cristóbal District, one of the poorest places in the colombian capital, Bogotá.

As in most of other poor communities in South America, the residents of Aguas Claras must face many daily challenges to survive. 

Urban violence, drug dealing and addiction, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, high rate of school dropout, unemployment, informality, child sexual abuse, alcoholism, malnutrition, low levels of education, illiteracy and overall degrading life conditions.

All those forces combined, act just like a whirlpool in the ocean, drowning every attempt of success and preserving this endless cycle of poverty, violence and despair.

Within this reality, the children are the most affected. They also have to endure all this situations and live without any future perspective or hope of a better tomorrow.

in 2001, without any resource, the foundation started under a tree with six children.

We believed and still believe that to invest in moral education, means to invest in the world’s future happiness!

Those children deserve to dream of a better tomorrow and to live a happy life and we are willing to invest our time and resources to make it happen.

Help us transform their reality today!

The FOundation Today

Children's lives transformed
School Dropout
100 %
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Everything is possible with your support

Our Team

Martha Merchán

Milton Fabián Delgado

Laura Valentina

Deicy Villamor

Luz Estrella Merchán

Andrés Abreo

Ana Maria Galvez


Juan Camino Sabogal

Fernanda Barbosa


Jorge Villamor

Lorenzo Zanon

Ines Matsushita


Olga Lucia


Carlos Latorre

Naren Rios

Angela Patricia Hernandez



Yolanda Granados


Carlos Villamor

Sebastian Piedrahita


Humberto Fisco

Rosalba Suárez

Angél Rojas

Laura Sofía Vargas


Sarah Delgado

Ana Emma

Claudia Rodrigues

Luis Fernando Vargas